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"[One] of the world’s best tour guides. (...) It is around the temples of Angkor, the famous “lost” city of Cambodia, that he is most at home, chatting with locals in fluent Khmer, flying drones over remote ruins, or passionately studying wildlife and culture

Jurriaan Teulings in The Guardian

"Part-time tour guide Stéphane De Greef is a full-time Indiana Jones whose knowledge of map making, land mines, and forest biology helped archeologists rediscover an ancient city in the Cambodian jungle"

Susan Hack in Condé Nast Traveler/Bloomberg

"Belgium-born Stephane isn’t [a] Nature and Adventure expert without good reason. Also a landmine specialist, cartographer and photographer, he can spot a barely visible insect while sharing his view on Cambodia's history"

Meera Dattani in National Geographic Traveller UK

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