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All of the images on this website and related social network accounts are copyrighted and most of them are available for licensing. My general policies regarding image use, heavily inspired by Alex Wild, depend on the context in which the images would be used.

Commercial Use

Images may be licensed for commercial use. Contact me through the left menu with the details of your project for a quote. Examples of commercial use include: company web pages, product labels, books, merchandise, magazines, most apps, and educational products. License fees vary depending on the use, but generally fall between $20 and $500 per image.

Non-Profit Use

Non-profit organisations may be able to license my work at discounted rates or free of charge depending on the context of use. Contact me for an estimate; prior permission is always required.

Classroom Use

Educational classroom use by students, teachers, and researchers is usually free of license fees. Contact me with the details of your project and I'll let me know if your educational use is eligible for a free license.

I do not allow my work to be used in projects involving uploads to sites that apply a blanket Creative Commons license. This means my photographs cannot be used on Wikipedia, Wikispaces, and other similar sites.

Conference Presentations

Participants of academic conferences are welcome to use my photographs in presentations. Contact me with the details of your project and I'll let me know if the intended use is eligible for a free license.

Journal Articles/Technical Papers

Use of my photographs in the scientific literature is considered commercial use and requires a paid licensing agreement.

Social Media - Commercial

Use of my photographs in social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, etc.) by commercial entities is the same as "Commercial Use" (above) and requires a licensing agreement.

Social Media - Personal

People acting in a personal capacity may be allowed to share my photographs on blogs, web pages, and social media accounts depending on the circumstances. Contact me with the details of your project and I'll let me know if the intended use is eligible for a free license.

Derivative Artworks

Prior permission is required to copy all or parts of my photographs in derivative artworks. Some adaptations I may consider to be Fair Use, others will require a formal licensing agreement. The only way to be sure is to ask.

Copyright Infringement Policy

Unfortunately, I contend with copyright infringements every year. I have implemented the following policy in an attempt to maintain control over my work.

Unauthorized non-commercial uses of my copyrighted images and text are subject to DMCA takedown requests without advance notice.

Unauthorized commercial infringements of my copyrighted images will either result in an invoice for full payment of a commercial use license fee majored by a copyright infringement fee,  or be handled by a contracted legal institution, which may result in legal action to recover statutory damages as outlined in Title 17, § 504, of the United States copyright laws.

All of the images on this website and related social network accounts are copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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